Kyudo: the Wildwood Archer

At over two metres tall – the bow is heavier and more imposing than I thought it would be. It isn’t the first time I’ve held a weapon in my hand, but there’s something about the kyudo experience that scares some primal part me. I’m wearing a three fingered glove on my right hand. The yugake is a glove with a hardened thumb and a pre-made groove that’s designed to pull the string.

Kamakura’s Owl Forest

Unlike the Owl Cafe in Akihabara – Kamakura’s Owl Forest is not a cafe. So no sipping on a drink while you stare at the owls. It’s a ‘forest’ – so the owls (and people) have heaps more space to move around. THANK GOD. The ‘forest’ is only a two minute walk away from Kamakura Station. Located on the extremely crowded (and overrated) Komachi Dori, it costs 600 yen to get in and there’s no time limit so you can hangout for as long as you like.