Indian Vegetarianism in Japan: The Green Woman

Ayurveda is an old Indian medicine system that stresses the importance of the mind-body connection and eating right for your type. Even as a kid, I understood that we eat for nutrition as much as we do for taste. Unfortunately, most of my mother’s recipes take HOURS (sometimes even days?) to recreate. Tasty vegetarian food isn’t easy to cook. And in Japan, it’s really hard to find all the ingredients I need.

Tarot Therapy: Yes or No?

A good tarot card reader can pick up on something in your subconscious mind and bring it to your conscious awareness. It’s not magic – it’s about someone being intuitive enough to do that. It is a talent that’s rare – it’s like how do you know that. What you offer via tarot is fluid – not definitive. This is unlike what psychologists offer. I find that helpful.

Religion and spirituality in Japan – a non topic relegated to nature

Despite the number of shrines and temples that are EVERYWHERE and I do mean EVERYWHERE – I wouldn’t describe the Japanese as a religious or spiritual people. Shinto and Buddhism are the two major religions here. Shinto is based on the old Japanese culture, whilst Buddhism came to Japan via China. Apart from a few rituals and customs, I don’t believe religion plays a big part in Japanese life.