Ireland BnB: the old school Airbnb experience

I love Airbnb. Most of my generation has used it at some point or another. But… before Airbnb showed up with its fancy algorithms to connect hosts with guests all over the world, there was the old school BnB. And Ireland is the perfect place to re-experience the traditional BnB. And before you worry about ratings and reviews, registered Irish BnBs are star rated by Fàilte Ireland: the National Tourism Development Authority. Whilst has some BnB options, I found it fairly limited if you’re looking for something off the beaten path. A bit more Googling later, I found what I was looking for.

Dublin’s Damascus Gate: Delightful Syrian and Lebanese Cuisine

After a week of admittedly very good pub grub, my palate was desperate for a change. And no, I didn’t want Indian food or Chinese food. I decided to save that for when I got back. Hey – I do not go to a far away country to feel like I’m back home. A quick Google search later, I found Damascus Gate: a Syrian and Lebanese Restaurant on Dublin’s Camden Street Upper. It was Friday night and we didn’t have a reservation, but we managed to get a table for two. 

Ireland Road Trip: Limerick, Quin Abbey and Cliffs of Moher

The highlight of the day and the reason why we did this long drive. The Cliffs of Moher are often touted as Ireland’s Most Visited Natural Tourist Attraction. The advertisers weren’t lying. There were LOADS… and I do mean LOADS of people there. After the LONG LONG drive, I was excited to finally arrive at our long overdue destination. It all sounded like a good idea when we were planning the trip – but the moment I arrived at the super famous Cliffs of Moher, I realised that I’m scared of heights. Oh yes. It’s a childhood problem.

Dublin’s Jameson Distillery and Guinness Brewery: 2 teetotallers on a booze tour

Two teetotallers cannot be trusted to attend a booze tour. We should know better. We don’t. So we decide to do two things that are a ‘must-do’ on the Dublin bucket list. We decide to go to the Jameson Whiskey Bow Street Tour and the Guinness Storehouse Brewery Tour.  Hey – just cause we don’t drink doesn’t mean we should miss out on all the fun. But is it fun if you’re not drinking? 

Day 2 in Dublin: the Leprechaun Museum, the Natural History Museum, Riverdance and Irish food

Dublin feels like an old friend I haven’t met in a while. I’ve changed, but my old friend is same old same old. Days in Dublin start late and finish late. I don’t mind the starting late part, but I don’t care much for the finishing late part. I’m not big on the pubbing culture. Dublin feels like a mix between Leicester and Melbourne. It’s a little sleepy and slow like Leicester, but the food and pub culture is very reminiscent of Melbourne – where I lived for five years.