Kyudo: the Wildwood Archer

At over two metres tall – the bow is heavier and more imposing than I thought it would be. It isn’t the first time I’ve held a weapon in my hand, but there’s something about the kyudo experience that scares some primal part me. I’m wearing a three fingered glove on my right hand. The yugake is a glove with a hardened thumb and a pre-made groove that’s designed to pull the string.

Akasaka: Tokyo’s Expat Neighbourhood

Akasaka has quickly become my favourite neighbourhood in Tokyo. It has all of the international amenities and none of the annoying tourists. The streets are full of restaurants from all over the world. The bars are chic and woman-friendly. I’ve been coming to this area for work and I LOVE it. There isn’t much to see or do as such – but if you’re a foreigner that’s been in Japan for a while and are longing to feel at ‘home’ – Akasaka will sort you out.

Adam and Eve: balancing duty and desire

The heart wants what it wants. In cliche interpretations of Genesis, Adam and Eve is a story that narrates mankind’s fall from grace. But I think it’s a story that describes choice. We can do as we are told – or we can follow our desires. But either decision is a conscious choice. Since the days of Genesis – mankind has struggled to bridge the gap between duty and desire. On the surface, duty seems logical – even permissible. But underneath it all – the desire to follow our passion persists.

The Chariot: the transition from childhood to adolescence

Bullying is a huge problem during the teenage years. There are a wide variety of factors that contribute to this issue. But from my experience – a vast majority of boys that get bullied in school tend to have overprotective and over nurturing mothers who refuse to let them grow up. Not only is this smothering debilitating for the child – it is also a huge turn off for any woman who decides to date him.